Welkom bij Korthals-Griffon Kennel van 't Holtlaand

Een (h)eerlijke jachthond

Eduard Korthals was a succesfull Dutch breeder. In 1870 he bought eight French wirehaired gun-dogs which had beards and moustaches. He created the Griffon breed with these dogs. The German prince, Albrecht zu Solms supported Mr. Korthals when he ran into financial difficulties. Actually the Griffon is a French/German/Dutch-dog.

The Griffon Korthals is a pointing gundog. It has a natural retrieve and great passion. Even if you are not a hunter, you will love this dog! At home, this breed is a quiet dog...however... outdoors he can change into a fast and willing hunter. Thus, you and your dog will need the correct education, be sure to contact your local dog-training centre!

The Griffon breed likes to work, and needs to do so. If not, you can better look for a differend kind of dog!

All kinds of dog-sports are possible.

We train our Griffons for being a gundog but also for agility, obedience, fly-ball and even for the rescue!

The Griffon has a coarse coat which enables it to easily retrieve from the water even in winter. However, their coat does need maintenance.

The Dutch Kennel van ‘t Holtlaand is rurally situated close to Zwolle, near water and woods. We live on a cosy small farm which is just the right setting to breed and train our dogs. Not only is the dog’s character important to us, but as well its appearance. All our dogs are healthy and tested for genetic diseases.